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Home Schooling & Kids

Bible Memory Music, Our Favorite 
Concord Cunningham, the Scripture Sleuth
Read-Alouds, Best Family
Star Movie Review, The 

Design Your Own Mini Unit Study 
Rethinking Learning Styles 
Once a Year Homeschool Lesson Planning
2 1/2 Minute Homeschool Lesson Planning
10 Homeschool Lessons from ACE Curriculum 
The Perfect Homeschool Organizer 
My Amazing Mother's Kid Tips
Raising Kids Who Aren't Picky 

Divisibility Song, Easily Memorize Divisibility Rules 
Fractions Rules Memory Song  
Math Videos, Homeschool Fun Video Day  
Multiplication Quick Tricks Memory Song
Teaching Math: Home School for Cheap or Free
Why Xtra Math Didn't Work for Us . . . And What Did
Video Day: Math

Science Fun Homeschool Video Day
Video Day: Science   

Reading and Language Arts:
Teach Reading with Confidence: Homeschool for Chea...
English, Homeschool Fun Video Day
Video Day: English
Read-Alouds, Best Family

Crafts & Fun:
Cookie Decorating Party: Vegan Cutout Cookies 
Children's Scented Play Dough Recipe
Sand Art Candle Holder - Frugal Craft
Urban Sandbox

Foreign Language:
Home School for Cheap or Free: Why Greek is Better than Latin!
Home School for Cheap or Free: Greek Reading
Home School for Cheap or Free: Greek Conversation

Social Studies, History, Geography
Great Ways to Homeschool History
History & Geography Videos, Homeschool Video Fun Day

Music:Teaching Music: Homeschool for Cheap or Free

Sites I like for Kids

Children's Bible Reader
Pantanassa - Free Bilingual Greek Orthodox Scripture Lessons for Kids 
Starfall - lots of Phonics & Math fun
Free Children's Religion Curriculum - Orthodox
American Chemical Society Kids' Chemistry Resources - Fun & Free : )
Xtra Math
Khan Academy (especially good for math)
Hoffman Academy - Free Piano Lessons for Kids Online
Free Typing Lessons
Funbrain Games (I especially like Geography & Grammar games)
ICT Games (Helpful for Math Concepts)
IXL (20 Free Math Questions per day)
Mathstory - Great Math Songs
Learn Greek by Radio - Free Online Lessons
Catholic Books of the Bible Song
Mango Languages - Free Language Lessons if your library participates
Great Multiplication Site
Free Unique Homeschool Curriculum- Printable- several subjects & levels

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