Home Schooling

Home Schooling & Kids

Bible Memory Music, Our Favorite 
Concord Cunningham, the Scripture Sleuth
Read-Alouds, Best Family
Star Movie Review, The 
A Tale of Two Sunday Schools
Jelly Telly Review

Methods and Theories:
Design Your Own Mini Unit Study 
Rethinking Learning Styles 
Once a Year Homeschool Lesson Planning
2 1/2 Minute Homeschool Lesson Planning
10 Homeschool Lessons from ACE Curriculum 
The Perfect Homeschool Organizer 
My Amazing Mother's Kid Tips
Raising Kids Who Aren't Picky  
What Creates a Love of Learning? 
Homeschool Questions I NEVER Hear 
A Tale of Two Sunday Schools
How to Start Homeschooling - TOMORROW!
Seminar Scheduling for Homeschooling
Homeschooling a 12-year-old PhD

Divisibility Song, Easily Memorize Divisibility Rules 
Fractions Rules Memory Song  
Math Videos, Homeschool Fun Video Day  
Multiplication Quick Tricks Memory Song
Teaching Math: Home School for Cheap or Free
Why Xtra Math Didn't Work for Us . . . And What Did
Video Day: Math

Science Fun Homeschool Video Day
Video Day: Science   

Reading and Language Arts:
Teach Reading with Confidence: Homeschool for Chea...
English, Homeschool Fun Video Day
Video Day: English
Read-Alouds, Best Family

Crafts & Fun:
Cookie Decorating Party: Vegan Cutout Cookies 
Children's Scented Play Dough Recipe
Sand Art Candle Holder - Frugal Craft
Urban Sandbox
Educational Value of Pokemon 

Foreign Language:
Home School for Cheap or Free: Why Greek is Better than Latin!
Home School for Cheap or Free: Greek Reading
Home School for Cheap or Free: Greek Conversation
Foreign Language Teaching Games for Kids

Social Studies, History, Geography
Great Ways to Homeschool History
History & Geography Videos, Homeschool Video Fun Day
American History Fun Parody Songs

Music:Teaching Music: Homeschool for Cheap or Free

Sites I like for Kids

Children's Bible Reader
Pantanassa - Free Bilingual Greek Orthodox Scripture Lessons for Kids 
Starfall - lots of Phonics & Math fun
Free Children's Religion Curriculum - Orthodox
American Chemical Society Kids' Chemistry Resources - Fun & Free : )
Xtra Math
Khan Academy (especially good for math)
Hoffman Academy - Free Piano Lessons for Kids Online
Free Typing Lessons
Funbrain Games (I especially like Geography & Grammar games)
ICT Games (Helpful for Math Concepts)
IXL (20 Free Math Questions per day)
Mathstory - Great Math Songs
Learn Greek by Radio - Free Online Lessons
Catholic Books of the Bible Song
Mango Languages - Free Language Lessons if your library participates
Great Multiplication Site
Free Unique Homeschool Curriculum- Printable- several subjects & levels

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