Monday, December 19, 2016

Another Weekly Advent Menu (Vegan)

Advent is a "Lenten" Season for Orthodox Christians - a time during which we are encouraged to abstain from meat, poultry, dairy and eggs.

Here is a menu for the last week of the Pre-Christmas season.

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Sunday: Simple Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Toast

Monday: Gigantes (Greek Giant Beans) Salad, Bread

Tuesday: Spinach & Mushroom Calzones, Salad

Wednesday: Claire's Southern Delight over Rice, Better than Coleslaw
(We also love this meal as a Wrap the next day for lunch - fill Flour Tortillas with the Rice, Bean mixture, a spoonful of Slaw for crunch, and a few Green Olives for zip. It's really tasty!)

Thursday: Bamies Yachni (Greek Okra & Tomato Stew), Crudites, Salad

Friday: Pad Thai with Cucumbers

Saturday: Red Lentil & Artichoke Stew (oil may be omitted for the Christmas Eve Fast) Salad, Easy Yeast Bread in the Slow Cooker

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