Friday, August 23, 2013

24 Vegan Recipes for Dorm Living or Travel

These recipes are specially selected to work for the person who has limited cooking equipment, limited space, limited ingredients to cook with, and limited cooking skill - or, who has an abundance of those things, but little time.

Who might fit this description?

1. Young adults starting college life in a dorm that permits minimal cooking.
2. Military adults living in a barracks that permits minimal cooking.
3. Traveling adults of any age who need to cook in an efficiency kitchen or hotel on vacation or on a business trip.
4. Busy families who are short on time.

Last time we were travelling, we had an apartment kitchen with limited equipment. And, I didn't want to stock a kitchen with my normal fifty or so spices for a short stay. I needed ingredients that could be made in a simple pot, and had a short list of ingredients to buy & store.

These recipes are my standbys for when I have one pot to cook in or a simple appliance like a Microwave or Slow Cooker, limited time, and a limited pantry.

Bulgur Pilaf ( Pourgouri )

Confetti Spaghetti


Veggie Fajitas

Simple Black Beans

Greek Style Black-Eyed Peas ( Louvia )

Moujendra ( Mejadra )

Philippine Style Fried Rice (use your leftover Rice from Chinese Takeout! : )

Pasta & Sauce


Baked Potatoes in the Slow Cooker

How to Cook Rice

Green Beans Almondine

Simply Eggplant

Black Bean and Corn Salad

Black-Eyed Pea Salad

Super Simple Salad

White Bean Salad

Pita Bread, Stove Top

Eggplant Sandwiches

Hummus Sandwiches (You can use store bought hummus, if need be )

Greek Tahini Sauce or Dip

Popcorn, Microwave - Make Your Own

Crispy Rice Treats

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  1. Nice post. I eat potatoes almost every day in my plant based, whole foods diet and really like the idea of cooking them in a slow cooker.

    1. Thank you - and I'm glad to have you visit again : )

      Slow cooked potatoes taste SO much better than microwaved ones - and are not any more trouble! And they're so wonderful for your health, too!

  2. One recipe looks better than the next and that says a lot about each one. Thanks for sharing these with us at My Meatless Mondays. Have the best of weeks.

  3. AWESOME post! Everything looks WONDERFUL


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