Wednesday, October 2, 2013

French Crepes (Vegan, GF, Top 8 Free)

I have loved French Crepes filled with Strawberries for a LONG time . I remember when I was young & lived overseas, a good friend and I would spend hours going to the big city by bus. When we got to the city, one of the big events would be going to a plush restaurant in a department store, and having Strawberry Filled Crepes.

More recently, when I go with my family for breakfast at the pancake place, I've always loved the Strawberry filled  "French Crepes." Only one problem, they're not Vegan - not even close.

Which left me with no choice but creating my own : )

And that brings me to this afternoon - when I made them for my little girl & myself, and we had an afternoon treat when she had finished her lessons (another great advantage of homeschooling - the Crepes! ; )

What was really great was how easy they were! And, pretty healthy, considering- Vegan, free of Gluten and many major allergens. Very low in fat, and, fairly low in sugar. These can be served for a weekend brunch, afternoon treat, or dessert.
French Crepes

1 Part Vegan French Breakfast Mix
1 Part Potato Starch
1 Part Non-Dairy Milk

Heat 10" non-stick skillet over medium heat (as for pancakes, till water drop sizzles). No need to oil - I use no oil when making these, but oil may be used if desired.

Pour in 1/4 cup batter, and tilt quickly back & forth to evenly cover bottom of skillet. Cook till top is completely dry. Gently loosen with spatula (it will adhere to the surface, but can easily be loosened by sliding a spatula underneath.) Flip and cook briefly on the other side.
Remove finished Crepe to a plate, and make the next one.
Fill with Fresh Quartered Strawberries, roll up, Sprinkle with powdered sugar & garnish as desired.

(1/4 cup each Crepe Mix, Potato Starch and Non-Dairy milk made just enough batter for the two Crepes in the picture)

(needless to say, you can drizzle with chocolate sauce, top with whipped topping - whatever you like here to make it pretty.

Vegan French Breakfast Mix

This Mix Also Makes Vegan French Toast

Sieve into desired container for storage, seal & shake (I use a basic plastic food storage container, but a Zippered bag will also work)

Make dry mix:

1 part cornstarch
1 part sugar (of your choice)
2 parts chickpea flour
Dash salt for every tablespoon cornstarch
Dash cinnamon, if desired

These crepes freeze acceptably for future use (without the filling) - although they're at their best when fresh. Simply stack with waxed paper between, and wrap airtight in foil or other airtight packaging. The stack can even be rolled into a cylinder if you like for easy storage. Warm thoroughly in microwave to restore pliability.

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  1. I am European and I remember my mom making crepes on a Sunday! Love them!
    Thank you for posting this recipe.

    Maria @

  2. These look fantastic, and it's great to see the vegan alternative. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  3. Those Crepes look absolutely PERFECT!!!!! Wowza!

  4. So i finally got around to making these crepes! They are soooooooo delicious and hold together so well! Great recipe :-)

    1. I am SO pleased that they worked well for you & you enjoyed them! It would be great to be able to get GOOD strawberries here this time of year! Thanks so much for the feedback.

  5. Thanks for adding this to the gluten free collection. Cheers and Happy New Year

  6. I really like the French mix, especially since I have a couple pounds of chickpea flour in the pantry :)

    1. So glad you like it! Appreciate you surfing thru the archives here : )


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