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Easy, Cool & Creamy Summer Oats ( Muesli )

Easy, Cool & Creamy Summer Oats ( Muesli )
I always loved Oats when I was a kid. I have always had a major sweet tooth, so I liked either "Instant Oatmeal" (which should be called Instant-Sugar-Rush), or if homemade, I had a little Oatmeal with my sugar. ; )

As I became more health conscious, I sought to reduce my excessive sugar intake some, and I found this way to prepare Oats that is sweetened with naturally occurring sugars rather than processed ones, but still as tasty as that stuff I ate when I was a kid. Even better, it's cool & creamy instead of warm and, um, sticky. But wait, there's more! You can throw this together in the evening, and the next morning, you or your kids can pull a ready-made breakfast from the fridge : ) But, if you really crave the hot stuff, you can warm this up in the microwave before eating it.

This is a standby summer breakfast for me. I've been making it for about 20 years now. I cannot recall for sure, but I think I started out with a recipe from Burgers 'n Fries 'n Cinnamon Buns by Bobbie Hinman, and over the years adapted & simplified it.

Here's the Recipe

Cool & Creamy Summer Oats ( Muesli )

1 ½ Cups Oats ( Old Fashioned or Quick )
1 Cup Non Dairy Milk
1 Cup Apple Juice
Cinnamon (about ½ tsp)
Raisins (lots)
Leave in fridge overnight, eat cold in the morning (or, make at least 15 minutes before eating )

Yield: about 3 cups 

This recipe is infinitely variable. You can substitute Cardamom for the Cinnamon. Dried Figs or Dates or Apricots instead of - or in addition to - the Raisins. Top with your favorite fresh, seasonal Berries or Fruit just before serving. Add nuts if you like. If you like your Raisins chewy, rather than plump, add them just before eating.

If you want a fancier presentation (or want to delight your kids) you can put out several topping bowls and let each Breakfast-er top his or her own.

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  1. Never thought to soak oats in apple juice but it sounds totally delicious! I'm going to try this for sure :-)

  2. I'm loving this for summer! Thanks so much for sharing this at the weekly Potluck!

  3. Hi Anna,
    What a delicious breakfast treat! It will be a nice change from oatmeal for me! I am so delighted that you shared this healthy and delicious recipe for Creamy Summer Oat with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! I appreciate it!


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