Learn about Orthodox Christianity 
Fasting Calendar for Greek Orthodox Christians
Book of Stories about Christian Saints and Animals
Get Daily Bible Readings and Saints' Stories by Email
Which Came First, The Church or the New Testament?
Essay about Salvation
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Pravmir - Russian Orthodox Site
Mystagogy - Site by an Orthodox Christian
 FREE Scripture Memory Songs Downloads at ScriptureRelease (Thanks for Link from Upsidedown Homeschooling )
Thoughts on Eternity by Francis Chan (4 minute video)
The Jesus Film - Watch the Life of Christ from the Gospel of Luke in almost any language on earth
Chart on the Genealogy of Christ - one of my favorite references
Protestant Christian Cartoons - Adam 4D
Orthodox Christian Cartoons - Fool Daily

Websites & Articles to help with nutrition information

Brief answers to common questions about protein, calcium, etc.
How to plan a healthy vegan diet
Health issues & Nutrition site - Dr. T. Colin Campbell
Health Issues & Nutrition Site - Dr. John McDougall
Protein -Article about Getting Enough of It
Gluten and Wheat -Article by Dr. McDougall
Article for Vegans who Still have Weight Issues
Is Coconut Oil really a miracle food? (Thanks Happy Herbivore for this link!)
Is Coconut Oil Junk food? (Thanks Happy Herbivore for this link!)
The Truth about Coconut Oil 
Are Wheat and Other Grains Really Bad for Us?
Do Vegetarians Live Longer than Health Conscious Omnivores? 
But Isn't Grass Fed Meat Good for Us? 
Increased Animal Protein Linked with Increased Diabetes
What about Salt? 

Books about Benefits of Veganism

My Favorite book on the topic that I wish EVERYONE would read
Reversing Diabetes - book by Dr. Neal Barnard
Reversing Heart Disease - book by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
Overcoming addictive eating - book by Dr. Neal Barnard

Movies & Videos & Online Articles of Interest

(I disagree with some comments in some of these videos & articles - especially the discussion Evolutionary Theory, and some of the opinions that Grains are not healthy, but overall, I find these materials informative)

Feature Documentary on Benefits of Plant-Based Diet - Forks Over Knives
Alzheimer's Disease: Is It Really Caused by Too Much Grain?
Reversing Diabetes with Plant-Based Diet, ten minute video with Dr. Neal Barnard
Nuts & Diabetes, ten minute video
Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet, 10 minute video by Jeff Novick
Trans Fats Naturally Occur in Meat and Dairy
Auto-Immune Diseases Linked with Dairy - 9 Minutes
The Paleo Diet
The Weston Price Foundation
Vegetarian Journal - Read Back Issues Online for Free
Olive Oil is Not Health Food 

Great Cooking Sites, Some Vegan, Some Not

World's Best Breadmaking Site
Gluten Free Baguette Recipe by Artisan Bread in Five 
Whole Wheat from Artisan Bread in Five
Cooking for large groups, & Vegetarian OAMC
Great Greek & Cypriot cooking blog, with many vegan recipes
The Cook's Thesaurus - find out about ingredients, food terms, acceptable substitutions, with pictures.
Calendar Making Website I use for Menu Planning Templates
Great Lent Gourmet
Menu Planning Post (in a very good site on Omnivore Bulk Cooking)
The Frugal Pantry - Omnivore Freezer cooking, Mix, etc site
Free Vegan Recipes for Large Groups of Kids
The Greek Vegan
Cypriot Cuisine 
Orthodox Traditions & Recipes
My Plant Based Family
Mom on a Mission - Omnivore Freezer Meals - mostly cheese - 6 Ministry meals in an hour
Omnivore Freezer Cooking - 100 meals (3 meals per day) for 11 people

Sites I like for Kids & Homeschooling

Children's Bible Reader
The Jesus Movie for Kids - Animated 
Pantanassa - Free Bilingual Greek Orthodox Scripture Lessons for Kids 
Superbook - free Bible Videos & Games for Kids 
Orthodox Sunday School Lessons to go with Weekly Gospel - Free
Starfall - lots of Phonics & Math fun
Free Children's Religion Curriculum - Orthodox
Khan Academy (especially good for math)
Hoffman Academy - Free Piano Lessons for Kids Online
Prodigy - Free Math Games for kids (also has paid option)
Free Typing Lessons
Funbrain Games (I especially like Geography & Grammar games)
ICT Games (Helpful for Math Concepts)
IXL (20 Free Math Questions per day)
Mathstory - Great Math Songs
Mango Languages - Free Language Lessons if your library participates
Great Multiplication Site
Homeschool Curriculum Workbooks -FREE - this blog also has ideas on homeschooling large families, and cooking - great site!

Books & Resources I love on lots of Topics

The Orthodox Church - by Kallistos (Timothy) Ware
About the Holy Trinity - Being as Communion by Zizioulas
On Christianity and Culture - How Should we Then Live by Schaeffer
On the intersection of Spiritual and Real - Escape from Reason by Schaeffer
Having better relationships -Inside Out by Larry Crabb
How to Memorize Stuff (or teach your kids to memorize stuff) - The Memory Book
How and Why to Teach Reading with Intensive Phonics/Phonics First - Why Johnny Can't Read
Free Classic book I like on Raising Children -Gentle Measures . . . By Jacob Abbott
A Favorite Essay on Childrearing - The Flaws of the Fifties by Frederica Mathewes-Green