Thursday, November 15, 2012

Neat Vegan Thanksgiving Idea - another stuffed veggie!

If you're having an all-vegan Thanksgiving gathering, or if you just don't want the Turkey to be your centerpiece this year, here's a great idea for an edible, seasonal Thanksgiving Entree Centerpiece.

Stuffed Pumpkin Recipe - Scroll all the way down.

I have made this dish more than once (though I don't plan to make it this year). The stuffing recipe itself could use some tweaking - you could substitute any favorite grain-based stuffing (quinoa, rice, teff, bulgur, etc). And, I would  serve a nice sauce on the side to flavour the pumpkin flesh - cranberry, maple syrup, peanut sauce, the recommended blend of soy sauce & lemon juice with a little ginger added - whatever.

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