Saturday, October 27, 2012

stuffedveggies gets started

Seventeen years ago, I became vegetarian. Three years ago, after reading The China Study, I transitioned to an almost entirely plant-based, vegan diet with a high percentage of whole foods. In the process, I’ve lost and kept off 50 pounds for several years, and my cholesterol has dropped more than 100 points.

Perhaps you have heard “never trust a skinny cook” – well I didn’t lose so much weight as to be untrustworthy! ; )

Over the years, I have constantly encountered people who tell me, “I’d like to be vegetarian, but . . . ” It’s too hard. It’s too expensive. It’s inconvenient. My husband eats meat.

I’m writing this blog to share what works for me to make a plant-based, vegan diet cheap (frugal) and easy to pull off.

You'll find tips for Vegan OAMC, Vegan Batch Cooking, Making your own Vegan Mixes for the Pantry or Freezer, Quick Plant-Based Recipes, Vegan Freezer cooking, Plant-Based Menu Plans, Vegan Slow Cooker recipes, and yes, tips for how to cook for that non-vegetarian spouse, family member or guest and yourself at the same time!

There are many reasons for eating more convenient and easy plant-based meals. Maybe you need to save money on groceries. Maybe you need to lose weight. Maybe you need to improve heart health or control diabetes. Maybe it’s Lent, and you want to focus on God instead of on food. Maybe you’ve just decided to try Meatless Mondays.

Whatever your reason, I hope you find this blog helpful.

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