Friday, September 27, 2013

Vegan French Toast

Vegan French Toast
French Toast has for years been basic comfort food for me. When I was single, there were many nights that I made it for dinner. It's just tasty.

So, when I became Vegan, it just made sense that I would want to find a good Vegan French Toast.
But, that wasn't such an easy task. Finally, I found one. I think it was in  Veganomicon, but I can't recall for sure. Of course, I love homemade mixes & try to avoid making much of anything from scratch if I can make it from a mix, so I adapted the recipe I found. Enter Vegan French Breakfast Mix.

After creating this, I made it for a couple of different families with kids. Both groups were Orthodox Christian families visiting my home during a Lenten time. So they would have expected Vegan food. Both groups knew that I was Vegan - so they should have doubly expected Vegan food. I do not "sneak" Vegan food by people who don't know what to expect. BUT, the kids in both families still thought that I was serving them traditional egg-based French Toast (I think the adults knew me better than to think I was serving them eggs in Lent, but I'm not sure)!

Sometimes I like to dress this up by adding a selection of fancy fruit toppings if I'm serving guests - such as Strawberries in Syrup, Cherry Pie Filling, or a Pineapple Topping.  But, if I'm eating this alone, I like just a simple dash of powdered sugar over the top- not even any buttery spread or syrup.

Vegan French Toast
To make, mix
1 part French Breakfast Mix
2 parts vegan milk
Soak bread slices (baguette is good, but use whatever bread is your favorite for French Toast)
Heat non-stick skillet as for pancakes over medium heat, until a bead of water dances when dropped onto pan.
Toast each battered slice in skillet on both sides till golden brown.
French Breakfast Mix
Make dry mix, sieve into your favorite storage container
1 part Cornstarch *
1 part Sugar
2 parts Chickpea Flour **
Dash salt for every Tablespoon Cornstarch
Dash Cinnamon, if desired

*Tapioca Starch should work equally well here if you prefer, but I haven't tested it yet. I have yet to find an application for Corn Starch that Tapioca Starch wasn't not only a good substitute, but preferable.

** Chickpea Flour is sold in Indian Grocery Stores as Gram Flour - not to be confused with Graham flour, which is a Whole Wheat. It is also sometimes sold as Besan Flour.

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  1. YUMMY! YUMMY! Great pics and post!

  2. Hi Anna, I wanted to stop by and thank you for sharing this recipe at the Vegan Breakfast link up. We made it today and it was everything I could have hoped for. I even used a hard baguette and it turned out nice and tender. I substituted potato starch for the same amount of corn starch and it was fine. Even my husband, Mr Skeptical, ate some and liked it. We'll have to give the crepes a try next!

    1. I am SO delighted that you tried it & it worked for you. I'm also very pleased to know that the potato starch subs for cornstarch - for people with allergies that will be a big help. Very little makes a food blogger happier than knowing that an actual recipe was really *tried* and enjoyed! Thanks so much : )

  3. Do you have a copy of Veganomicon? I'd ♥ to borrow it.

    1. Sorry, Martha - I don't have it in my personal collection. I believe I got it from the library -hope you're able to find a copy there : )


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