Friday, October 4, 2013

Crispy Rice Cupcakes ( Multiple Allergy Birthday Treats )

Crispy Rice Cupcakes
What do you do when you're having a Birthday or Name Day* party, but have a whole list of allergies and sensitivities to accommodate?

A while back, we had a Name Day party, and we had a houseful of kids (and adults) with the following: Gluten-Free, Dairy Allergies, Vegan, and Soy Free. There were no peanut or nut allergies.

We wanted a Cupcake look, but something that wouldn't taste - you know - well - like we were trying to make cupcakes but couldn't quite make it.

If you've dealt with a special diet for long, you've had something that was meant to taste like a food you'd always liked, but didn't quite make the cut. We didn't want that to happen at a Name Day Party!

These are what we had - and they were a big hit.

Crispy Rice Cupcakes***
Make Vegan Crisp Rice Treats, and press into an oiled Cupcake tin, slightly rounding the top. Use a hand covered in waxed paper to press & shape the Crisp Rice. Cool.
Crispy Rice pressed into Cupcake Pan to Cool
Make Strawberry Celebration Frosting** (or your favorite flavor!), using Soy Free Earth Balance.
Remove Crisp Rice "Cupcakes" from pan, and decorate with Frosting as desired.

Sometimes I also add candy treats - Colored Sugar, pastel Jordan Almonds, etc.

* A Name Day is a custom of Orthodox Christians. It is celebrated very much like a Birthday, but happens on the day of your Patron Saint or Feast. It is a great way to help your kids relate to Christian heroes rather than sports figures or movie stars.

**Commercially available frostings are often Vegan, if they fill your needs, you can always substitute store-bought for home made.

***If you're cooking for a person with allergies, be sure that every ingredient fits their needs. For instance, not all crisp rice cereals are gluten free. For someone with Celiac Sprue, for example, be sure to select a Gluten Free one.

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  1. They look lovely. Never tried anything with rice crispies before.

    1. Oh - they're WONDERFUL! A classic American kids' treat - right up there with the chocolate chip cookie. And, of course, enjoyed by adults too : )

  2. WOW! They both sound yummy but something about that frosting is calling me at the moment :)

  3. Clever! Good idea!! I bet I'll be using this in the future. :)


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