Friday, November 15, 2013

Two Minute Almond Milk

Two Minute Almond Milk
Making your own Almond Milk has HUGE advantages.
1. It saves a lot of money - it costs well under half the cost of commercial Almond Milk.
2. It reduces packaging waste.
3. It saves trips to the store.
4. It saves storage space, since you only have to keep one small jar on hand to make a few gallons.
5. It gives you control over ingredients, so that allergens, gums, and preservatives can be avoided.
6. It saves time!
7. If you live in the city, and carry groceries home, it will save your back from lugging a lot of extra heavy cartons!

I don't often post times with my recipes, and when I do, I don't exaggerate.

This recipe REALLY does take two minutes to make!

(This is not my original idea, but I have seen it in more than one place, and I have no idea where those places were. These are my own proportions and my own directions.)

Here it is:

Two Minute Almond Milk
Combine in a container that is big enough
1 Quart Cold Water*
2 Tablespoons Raw, Smooth, Pure Almond Butter (not the "no-stir" or roasted kinds)
I use Maranatha Raw Almond Butter.

Place Immersion blender into container and blend for a full 60 seconds (1 minute). I am sure a traditional blender will work, too, I just always use the immersion blender myself.
Rinse off Immersion Blender - while you do that, the almond meal will settle to the bottom of the container.
Pour Milk into your pitcher/storage container, leaving "dregs" (almond meal) in the bottom of your blending container.
Enjoy! (or refrigerate to use later)
This milk does not have gums or emulsifiers, so it will settle - you will need to shake or stir each time before serving.

*You may use warm water and then just chill before drinking/serving.

NOTE: Dairy milks NATURALLY contain about 1 Tablespoons of natural sugars per cup. Which means that people who are used to drinking cow-milk (as my daughter calls it) are used to a very sweet beverage (which is one reason so many people "love" milk!). If you are working on transitioning away from cow-milk, or have a family member who is, I encourage you to add sugar to taste (perhaps 1 to 2 Tablespoons) and a dash of salt the first time or two you make this, and then experiment with reducing those amounts as tastes adjust.

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  1. I actually have never read about using almond butter for making almond milk before! I will definitely need to give it a try. I don't have an immersion blender but I'm thinking that my Vitamix would work!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Julie! Yes, a Vitamix will definitely work for this job - as will a regular blender. I'm kinda addicted to the immersion blender because it doesn't take counter space, is easy to get out & easy to clean, but by all means - using what you have will work here : )

  2. I am a fan of fast, easy and healthy! This recipe for almond milk is so much easier than my regular routine of soaking, blending, squeezing and more squeezing. Thanks for sharing this fabulous timesaver! Love it!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind, sweet comments - hope you find it helpful & useful! : )

  3. Great tips! I should try and do that with my Ninja but I need to get a good stainer or cheesecloth or something...I have been thinking about it :)

    1. Since this method starts with Almond Butter instead of whole almonds, no straining is required : ) You just let it settle half a minute, and pour off the top! It's super-easy, and no fancy equipment required!

  4. I've never made almond milk, but I may have to try this! Pinned it! :)

    Thanks again for joining the Link Up this week!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting, for hosting & for pinning! : )

  5. i will be making this, I had no idea it could be done with almond butter. I would love to save money on Almond Milk, I buy it all the time for me.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting & for your kind comment : )

  6. I tried this in a Vitamix with just almonds and water and it worked great. Haven't tried my own regular blender though. Might give it a try with the almond butter idea.



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