Monday, January 26, 2015

Copycat Skyline Black Beans and Rice

Copycat Skyline Chili Black Beans & Rice over Pasta
Skyline Chili is a Cincinnati tradition. Cincinnatians grow up eating the famous "3-Way" - a plate of Angel Hair Spaghetti, topped with Cincinnati-Style Chili and Finely Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese. Optional toppings, such as Beans, Oyster Crackers or Minced Raw Onion are also on offer. It's such a wildly popular Cincinnati establishment that Skyline Chili is also available in grocery stores so that you can make it at home, or even transport it to another state or country to enjoy it while in Cincinnati exile.

I'm delighted to say that Skyline also has a Vegan Option on the menu - their Black Beans and Rice. My little girl just loves it. But, unlike other Skyline entrees, the Black Beans and Rice dish is not available at the grocery store.

So, I created my own Copycat Skyline Black Beans and Rice for those nights when we have Skyline-at-home. My daughter says I got the taste just right : )

This Bean dish is supposed to be pretty "saucy" to make a better topping for the pasta. You will want to add water as needed to make a pourable, but not totally soupy consistency.  The starches in this dish are pretty "thirsty" so it may require more water than you would anticipate.

Copycat Skyline Black Beans and Rice
Simmer in Saucepan for about 15 minutes, to blend flavors
2 (15oz) Cans Black Beans with their liquid
1 Cup Cooked Rice (leftover Brown or Long Grain White work well)
1 large Cube Vegetable Bouillon (I use Knorr or Maggi)
1/8 teaspoon Paprika
1/4 teaspoon Cocoa Powder
1 teaspoon Fresh Garlic
Mild Green Chilies from a can, to taste (I use 2 teaspoons because of my daughter's tender palate. About 1 1/2 T of Green Chilies should taste more authentic)
Gradually add water as needed while simmering to keep saucy consistency. I use about a cup total.
Add & cook 2-3 minutes more, to mellow vinegar flavor
3 Tablespoons White Vinegar
When cooking is finished, Blend with an Immersion Blender until about 1/2 the mixture is blended, while 1/2 remains whole

Serve Over Angel Hair Pasta. If you like, a Vegan Mild Cheddar Style Shredded Cheese may be added to keep the traditional presentation. I prefer mine topped with Salad Veggies such as Shredded Lettuce, Avocado & Tomato.

Tip for Dining with Omnivores: You can serve traditional Skyline Chili to the Omnivore at the table. It can be purchased at many grocery stores, or online. For Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians and Omnivores alike, Shredded Mild Cheddar can be added.

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  1. I've never had chili spaghetti. I do have a recipe for it, but we've yet to try it.

    1. Thanks so much for hosting - and thanks for stopping by : )

  2. Excellent! Another meal to make with beans! I would never of thought of pairing beans with pasta. We will have to try this! Thanks for sharing at the Art of Home-Making Mondays Anna :)

    1. Delighted to be of service! I love your post on 12 ways to use Pinto Beans - I was just dropping by to admire it earlier today! : )

  3. Hi Anna,
    Black beans are my favorite beans and I love to try different black bean recipes. I love the inclusion of cocoa powder and green chilies in your recipe.Thank you so much for sharing your healthy and delectable black bean and rice recipe with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green
    and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm pinning and sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by. I always appreciate your sweet, well-thought-out comments : )

  4. This looks really good. I am definitely going to try it. Thanks for linking up with "Try a New Recipe Tuesday." Hope you can join us again this week.

  5. I'm from Cinci and I've been looking for a Black Beans & Rice Copycat for awhile! So excited to try it out! Thanks for sharing!

  6. My co-workers planned a skyline day (3 ways and coneys) at work this Friday and I had no idea what to bring because I am vegan. So happy I have this recipe now! I love skyline's beans and rice so I can't wait to try your recipe(:

  7. My co-workers planned a skyline day (3 ways and coneys) at work this Friday and I had no idea what to bring because I am vegan. So happy I have this recipe now! I love skyline's beans and rice so I can't wait to try your recipe(:

    1. So delighted that you find this helpful for your party! Let me know how it worked out : )

    2. No chili powder or cinnamon?


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