Monday, January 23, 2017

Chinese New Year Week's Menu

Chinese New Year Week's Menu (Vegan, Mostly GF)
If the coming of Chinese New Year puts you in a mood to try a few Asian-inspired recipes, here are a week's worth to try out. While you're in a mood of cultural appreciation, you could also pick up a few words of Cantonese or Mandarin.

Although it is unlikely that we westerners without much exposure will become bilingual this way, it is a good way to broaden our horizons and learn about things like pictographs and tonal languages, as well as appreciating the great variety of peoples and cultures that God has placed on the earth.
You can even learn to read a few words the fun way, especially if you're a homeschooler!

All of the following recipes can be made in about 1/2 hour. They're nearly all Gluten Free if you use a Gluten Free Soy Sauce (Kikkoman makes one- it has a blue label). They're all Vegan. And they're all Frugal. It's a win-win-win-win! ; )

So, on to the menu:

Szechuan Green Beans to Serve Over Rice

Philippine Style Fried Rice

Pad Thai, Simple Vegan

Build-Your-Own Rice Bowl with Peanut Sauce

Hot & Sour Soup
Teriyaki Stir Fry Veggies over Rice

Shiitake Rice Bowl

Easy Vegan Sushi

MYO Spring Rolls, Easy Vegan (Freezer Friendly)

Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce, Three Minute 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I have a son with an egg allergy so we are always looking for vegan recipes. Found you through together on Tuesdays!

    1. So delighted that you find it helpful! Vegan recipes are helpful for lots of folks with egg or dairy allergies : ) Thanks for dropping by! : )

  2. Yummy! Thanks for sharing with us at Together on Tuesdays.

    1. Thanks so much for hosting! I love your blog hop! : )

  3. These dishes look wonderful! I would love to try the Spring Rolls :) Thanks for linking up at Together on Tuesdays :)

    1. Thanks so much for visiting again! Let me know how you like the Spring Rolls : )

  4. This looks delicious. My daughter learned about Chinese New Year in preschool and now she's all about the animals of the Chinese zodiac.


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