Monday, March 13, 2017

Upcycling the Vinegar Jug

If you use vinegar to clean, you probably have at least a little concern for the environment. Which
probably means that you don't enjoy throwing the empty gallon jug in the trash when you're done with it.

I've found several practical uses for my empty vinegar gallon containers. This way you can get one or more additional good uses out of them before tossing them!

I have two ways to cut them - with the handle and without.

For the with-the-handle model - cut an opening where I put the blue line (label may be removed if you like): 

1) Store toys that might leak, such as Bubbles for blowing or Poster Paints. Not only does this prevent accidents, but it also makes a handy carrying caddy.

2) Cleaning supplies caddy and storage. Once again - easy carrying and leakage prevention.

3) Toilet Brush caddy. At my dollar store, I can buy toilet brushes for $1. or the ones with their own storage caddy for $3. At a fancier store, I could spend a lot more. I buy the $1. brushes, and keep them in my vinegar jug caddy. An added advantage? If I need to move it, there's a handle and I don't have to touch anything gross. And, when it all gets too yucky, it can just go in the trash!

4) Tie-dye basin.

5) Campground toiletries tote: Do you need to take the shampoo, washcloth, soap & conditioner down to a shower facility? Pop them into your adapted vinegar jug. You may want to poke some holes in the bottom for drainage, depending on the conditions.

For the handle-free model - just cut where I put the dotted line:

1) Use as a bucket for yucky cleaning jobs. When you're done cleaning, it can go in the trash.

2) Temporary or short term pet dish. Make sure you're pet isn't the sort to gnaw on the edge and choke. And, check for sharp edges.

3) Picnic serving bowls. No need to lug dirty bowls home if you don't want to.

4) Bubble solution tray for dipping those large bubble wands.

5) To catch drips under a leaking pipe under the sink.

6) Use as a defrosting container in the fridge, when defrosting foods that might leak (such as those frozen in zippered storage bags)

7) A no-need-to-clean mixing bowl - again perfect for camping or travel.

8) Doll swimming pool.

9) Container for sensory play - like with shaving cream. 

10) An impromptu sickness or nausea basin.

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  1. I use a lot of vinegar in the laundry and I love your prompts to using the empty jugs! I will share some of the jugs along with your blog post with my children who have families and pets and messes more than I do :-)

    1. So glad you like it! Hope your kids enjoy all the uses : )

      Loved your St. Patrick post this week : )

  2. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks so much for hosting & visiting! I love your Monday morning Blog Hop : )

  3. Great ideas! I love reusing things!

  4. We use a lot of vinegar around here, mostly for cleaning and I always cringe when I throw out the jug. Thank you for sharing your tip at the Creative Muster Party. Pinned
    Robin | Fluster Buster

  5. Excellent upcycling ideas. Who would have thought a vinegar jar could be put to so many other uses? Visitng you from the HHGN Party. If you get a chance please see my share, 4 Day Color-packed Vegan Menu Reveal. Nancy Andres @

  6. SUCH clever reuses! I love my vinegar, and now I can keep lovin' the jug after the vinegar is gone too! Brilliance. :)

    1. Thanks so much - so sweet of you! Love your blog : )

  7. These are some fantastic and creative uses for that big jug! I can't choose a single favorite, but I do love the idea of being able to use it as a disposable mixing bowl for camping!

    1. Delighted that you like my ideas : ) Thanks so much for visiting & hosting! : )

  8. The picture of the jug as a cleaning caddy caught my eye at The Art of Homemaking, but the toilet brush idea is golden! I actually bought a nice brush (rubber not bristles, and gets under the rim) but it didn't come with a caddy. I improvised, but I will be replacing it with my vinegar jug. If it is big enough, I may make the bucket style one for the plunger too.


    1. The toilet brush idea isn't the most glamourous on the list - but it IS the one I like best, too ; )

      So delighted to "meet" you! : )

  9. I love white vinegar and use it everywhere. I've just recycled bottles until now. Great post!


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