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Fractions Rules Memory Song

Fractions Rules Memory Song
Fractions can be complicated to learn, because there are lots of rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and converting from improper to mixed numbers and back. Not to mention converting fractions to decimals!

And, as an educator (whether in the home or in a traditional school)  I'm sure you've experienced that moment when the student gives you the blank look or says, "I have NO idea how to do this!" about a concept they had just "mastered" the week before.

Learning how to work with fractions is one thing.

Remembering it is quite another!

So, to help my Daughter remember all this tricky business, I crafted a little song. I'm hoping your student finds it helpful, too!

At the bottom, I'm putting videos that help demonstrate these methods, in case you or your student need a refresher.

As usual, I avoid technical terms like "divisor" and "dividend" as much as possible - because if your student forgets what a term in the song means, the song is useless and even more memory work is needed!

If your student only has trouble remembering only one or two rules, you can just teach them that part of the song : )

It is to the tune of "Oh My Darling Clementine," which is a public domain song : )

Sing this with your student - or students - every day for a while, and you'll see their fractions skills take off! : )

Fractions song

To add two fractions together
You can simply multiply
Bottom numbers both together
That’s your new bottom number

Next you need to multiply
The left top number with the one
You find, at the right bottom
Write that on the top left

Write your plus sign right next to it
Then you need to multiply
The left bottom number with the number
At the top and right

Write that answer down right after
The plus sign on the top line
Then you add the two top numbers
to make a new top number

To subtract two fractions then
Becomes so easy, all you do
Is use a minus sign, instead of an
Addition sign

Or  find a common multiple
Of all the bottom numbers, then
Multiply both tops & bottoms by the same
Numbers to get

All new top & bottom numbers
Then you can add or subtract
Even if you have 15
Different fractions you’re working with!

If you need to multiply two
Fractions, first you multiply
The top numbers together
That’s your new top number then

You keep going, multiplying
The two bottom numbers next
That becomes your bottom number
It is just so easy

To divide two fractions is fun
You just flip-flop multiply
Then you’ve got your answer and it
Wasn’t even difficult!

fractions isn’t
really difficult at all
Just divide both top and bottom
By the same divisor

To convert improper fractions
Just divide the top number
By the bottom number and the answer
Is the whole number

Then the remainder that’s left
Is your new top number and
The bottom number is
the same as when you started

To make mixed numbers into
improper fractions, Multiply
bottom number and whole number
Then you add the top number

Bottom number once again
remains just the same
as it was when you started
wasn’t that so easy?

To convert fractions To decimals
Write a dot and then zeros
after top number and then 
Divide bottom into top.

Adding & Subtracting Fractions:

Multiplying Fractions:

Dividing Fractions:

 Simplifying or Reducing Fractions:

Converting Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers:

 Convert Mixed Numbers into Improper Fractions OR Vise Versa

Converting a Fraction to a Decimal:
 Rock Style Song:


  1. Great idea and effective song to teach children fractions with lasting memory of those concepts.

  2. What a fun post! Thanks for sharing this bit of brilliance at Booknificent Thursday on!

  3. What a fun idea! I also love these added videos; thanks for sharing with us at Love to Learn. I'll definitely be using this with my kids.

  4. I'll have to remember this song when it's time to teach my kiddo fractions.
    Thanks for the great addition to Literacy Musing Mondays.

  5. So fun! Pinning to use this with my boys. thanks for sharing at Love to Learn.

  6. Fractions were hard for me! I'm glad there are so many fun ways to learn now. Pinned this to share with my kids when they're ready for fractions. Thanks for joining the Love to Learn hop this month!

  7. music often helps us remember facts doesn't it?


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