Monday, January 1, 2018

Stuffed Veggies Top 17 posts of 2017

At the end of the year, it's fun to look back and see which posts really captured readers' imaginations. I always enjoy reading annual retrospectives of my favorite blogs, so I figured I'd return the favor and write one of my own this year.

Quite frequently, as a blogger, I'm surprised to see what does - and doesn't - attract readers. It's not always predictable!

My top post of the year was a tribute to my Great-Grandfather, Samuel:

Grandpa's Last Will & Testament

Another surprise hit was about my Christian Faith:

Orthodox Christian Icon Alphabet

I fully expected this post to be popular - and it was. People tend to like tech tips : )

How and Why I use Scheduled Posts on Blogger

But these two were a total shock! Who knew that upcycling & reusing would interest so many people?

Upcycling the Vinegar Jug
About that Coffee Cup

My individual recipes seldom attract much attention on their own (although some of them are steady producers of hits), but my menus featuring them are a perennial favorite - as evidenced by FIVE super-popular menus this year. I guess people just love variety : )

Winter Week Menu

Chinese New Year Week's Menu

Vegan Valentine Treats

Lenten & Omnivore Week's Menu

Mexican Week of Meals

Holy Week Menu

And, Homeschooling Resources are often quite popular

History & Geography Fun Homeschool Video Day

Rethinking Learning Styles

Math Homeschool Fun Video Day

English Homeschool Fun Video Day
Multiplication Quick Tricks Memory Song

But, invariably, there's a post or two in a year that I EXPECT to be hugely popular that for some reason doesn't attract attention. In past years, those posts have turned out to be "late bloomers" - attracting little attention when first published, but later becoming hits. That's my hope for my "Stir & Pour Bread Variety" Series. I mean, seriously, who can pass up a homemade yeast bread variety that's easier to make than Just-Add-Water Pancakes? Time will tell, but here's hoping this one will "bloom" later!

Stir & Pour Bread Variety

I hope you have a Wonderful, Blessed 2018!

and, if you're looking for a worthy New Year's Resolution, check out this post:

The One Resolution that is the Best

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this! I somehow missed the "coffee cup" post and was so glad you brought it up. I couldn't agree more. Love your recipes.

  2. These recipes are great I am going to try them all!#ourminilinkyparty@_karendennis

  3. What a great day to have a birthday day. Jan 7th is old calendar Christmas, I bet God knew your Great Grandfather Samuel was a special person.

  4. By far my favorite was how to schedule posts!! I now have most of my posts scheduled a good week in advance and have it found it life changing. Thanks for sharing with us at Love to Learn. Pinned.


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