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Our Favorite Bible Memory Music

Our Favorite Bible Memory Music
As a homeschooler, I'm frugal bordering on cheap.

I seldom buy "curriculum" or textbooks. There is SO MUCH amazing, Free stuff out there!

But there is one place where I consistently, and without regret, spend money for my daughter's education.

Not a lot of money, mind you - this stuff has good prices as a rule, but still, money : )

Bible Memory Music.

This music is (and has been) our constant companion now for years - we play it at home and in the car. And little is more gratifying than reading the Bible with my daughter and having her burst into a song she knows that matches the passage we're studying. Or standing for the Gospel Reading in Liturgy and having my daughter's eyes light up when she hears a familiar verse - and mouths the words (or sometimes softly sings them) along with the Priest.

I know from my own experience in life, that having these songs set to music in her head will allow them to pop to mind unbidden just when they're needed in life.

This music is worth the money to me not only because the immeasurable value it provides for my daughter's education, but because the money spent goes to support the devout artists who produce it!

Here are our favorite sources.

Notice - these are NOT "affiliate links" - I get no benefit from your purchase, nor am I financially motivated to promote these products. I just love them!

G.T. and the Halo Express

This 7 Volume set consists of an audio drama combined with Bible songs. Each CD has several songs, and a fun audio performance to go along with. Follow the adventures of Michael & Christie as they learn about God with the help of their Guardian Angel. This series is kid friendly and Protestant in tone & Theology. We bought the whole set at once, then gave one CD for every gift-giving occasion for more than a year (Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Nicholas Day, etc). Every song is word-for-word Scripture - usually with the reference added.

Hide 'em in Your Heart by Steve Green

This is a listening gem for the car. Kid-friendly (but not annoying for adults ; ) music of Bible Verses for the car. I was thrilled when my then-three-year-old daughter sang, "Do everything without arguing or complaining" while obeying me when I asked her to do something unattractive to her : ) You won't be sorry if you buy these for your kids!

Seeds Family Worship 

We love these songs for listening in the car and at home. I love the Seeds Family's willingness to share MANY of their songs free on Youtube. So, if you're on a tight budget, you can still benefit from their work, and get your kids (and yourself) started with Bible memorization. But, if you can afford to support them, buy the whole collection! You won't regret it!

Knowing God A Sing & Remember Book

This is a CD & companion book set that has brief narrated stories from the Bible, and a song to accompany them. We like listening to this one again and again.

Handel's Messiah

This one is free on youtube in many versions. But, a lot of people don't see this for what it is - the ultimate Scripture Memory tool! : ) And, some of the most amazing Christmas or Easter music of all time.

100 Bible Verses Every Kid Can Sing and Learn

I have to admit, I had some major misgivings when I first listened to this set. It DOES have a few drawbacks. Parts of it sound like Barney the Purple Dinosaur on steroids ; ) Too many tunes borrowed from public domain songs. Less than ideal recording quality. Words or commentary added to  many - if not most -  of the Bible verses. (For instance, songs about "Turning the channel" on the TV - pretty sure that wasn't in the original text! And not real helpful since we don't have a TV!)

But . . . . my daughter loved it as a little kid. And she learned LOTS of snippets of Scripture from the various songs. Snippets that she remembers frequently. And lots of good teaching that has come in handy over the years. So yeah, I'm glad I bought it : )

Bible Fluency 

This free site isn't for memorizing Bible verses, but rather for memorizing an overview of Scripture. We love the Gospels song, which helps us remember which Gospel has which stories!

The 12 Tribes of Israel

Here's a fun song to learn their names!

 12 Disciples Song

Scroll to the bottom of the linked post for a great, easy to learn song of the names of the 12 Disciples.

Books of the Bible Song (Catholic List, including Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books)

Books of the Old Testament Song by Seeds family - Protestant List

Sometimes we find a song for a whole passage on Youtube.

Like 1 Corinthians 13

I hope you enjoy these great resources!

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us at Love to Learn. Pinned.

  2. We briefly used Garden of The Theotokos and it had a fantastic song on it for the 12 apostles... my son still hums it to himself several years later ;)


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