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Bacon Seasoning Salt Recipe

MYO Bacon Seasoning Salt Recipe
Do you love the salty, smoky, sweet, spicy taste of Bacon? But would rather not eat actual Bacon for
some reason - perhaps you're observing Lent, you're Vegetarian or Vegan, you keep Kosher, or your doctor has told you to take better care of your health?

Once you have this stuff, you can put it on anything your heart desires. Imagine Bacon Popcorn, Bacon Rice, Bacon Oven Fries, Bacon Veggies, or even a Bacon Salad! Or, just keep it at the table, and use it like salt! Your imagination is the limit!

I recently noticed ads online for Bacon Seasoning Salt. There are a few different brands out there, like Deliciou's Bacon Seasoning and J & D's Bacon Salt, but they have two things in common: a higher price than I care for, and they're only available online - at least in my area. So, I've never tried them - but like the idea : )

Then I looked for a recipe, and found precisely one (it was on more than one website, but the recipe was identical). It calls for a lot of exotic ingredients that I don't keep on hand, and using that recipe would probably double, or maybe even triple, the price of purchasing this stuff online.

So, I decided it was time to craft my own recipe.

And of course, once I craft a recipe, I like to share it!

Now, when my daughter has friends over, she tells them to  smell the Bacon Seasoning Salt. Their eyes light up. They say things like, "Mmmmm!" and "It's BACON!"

This one used all ingredients that I already had on hand, and had purchased fairly cheaply. Here it is!

Bacon Seasoning Salt
1 Tablespoon Sugar (or measures-the-same Sugar Substitute of your choice)
1 Tablespoon Salt
1 Tablespoon Smoked Paprika
3/4 teaspoon Garlic Powder
3/4 teaspoon Onion Powder
3/4 teaspoon finely ground Black Pepper (use less if you don't like heat, but don't omit)
1/3 teaspoon Sumac (a Middle Eastern or Arabic spice)*

OR Large (or Small) Batch Bacon Seasoning Salt: 
Choose your size of Scoop (for instance a 1 teaspoon, or a 1/4 cup scoop), and use:
1 Scoop Sugar (or measures-the-same Sugar Substitute of your choice)
1  Scoop Salt
1 Scoop Smoked Paprika
1/4 Scoop Garlic Powder
1/4 Scoop Onion Powder
1/4 Scoop finely ground Black Pepper (use less if you don't like heat, but don't omit)
1/8 Scoop Sumac (a Middle Eastern or Arabic spice)*

Measure the ingredients into your upcycled Spice Jar (I re-used an Onion Powder jar)

Close & Shake

Label (I use masking tape, and write "Bacon Seasoning Salt" on the front of the jar, and the recipe on the back - for easy refills : )

This is SO easy - and SOOO Bacony! My bacon-loving daughter was delighted with it : )

Add this to any recipe that would benefit from a bacon-y flavor - soups, beans, grains, veggies, etc.

*If you cannot find Sumac in your area, I think you could omit it without ruining the recipe. It lends a little tart or lemony taste, which gives the flavor a little "pop" : )

If you'd like an idea for using this recipe, try this:

Vegan Bacony Bowl

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  1. Wow, getting that flavour without the bacon - clever. Cheers

  2. That sounds yummy! I thought it would have bacon grease mixed in the salt. I was surprised there was no bacon at all! LOL We have sumac trees here, but I've never seen it in the spice isle. Thanks for sharing your recipe! And Happy Spring!!

  3. Fantastic idea! My dad loves bacon, but for his health he is eating less of it. I'll see if he likes this idea!


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