Monday, September 9, 2019

10 Reasons I Keep Homeschool Records

10 Reasons I keep Homeschool Records
This is a little series on how and why I keep thorough homeschool records.

Knowing why we do something often makes the "how" so much easier! 

So, I'll start with explaining why I keep homeschool records at all.

Many states do not require record-keeping as such. But just because the law doesn't require something, doesn't mean it's not a wise practice.

***This is not legal advice, be sure you check the laws in your state on your own!***

There are several reasons that I choose to keep homeschool records:

1.  Self-confidence.
Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks, or years) when you think, "I felt so busy, but I don't think I got anything DONE!" A written record lets ME know what I've accomplished each day as a teacher.

2. Family togetherness
A good record of our school days lets my husband know that we're getting a lot done, so he can rest easy.  It also lets him be more included in our day-to-day educational process, so that he can easily chose to contribute to our current topic.

3. Sharing
Sometimes I'm discussing with a friend some book, website or video that was helpful in years past.  Thanks to good record-keeping, I can do a quick computer search, and let my friend know exactly where to find the material. Likewise, if I meet a new homeschooler who wants to know exactly what our homeschool days look like, I can show her.

4. Legal Peace of Mind
Sadly, "Innocent till Proven Guilty" only applies to criminal law cases, not civil law cases. I find it reassuring to know that should the question ever arise about my education of my child, I have documentation to demonstrate that I am doing a thorough job, that my legal representation could use to defend against false accusations.

6. Gap Prevention
I have a schedule, but without record-keeping, it is too easy to let one subject be forgotten. With good record-keeping, I can see at a glance that all the boxes are getting checked regularly.

7. Organization
With all the records neatly in place, such tasks as compiling a portfolio, filing paperwork with the authorities, or creating a transcript become easy.

8. Keeping on Track
A good record-keeping system helps me remember where we are in which subject, so that if a bookmark falls out, or a computer link disappears, I can find my place.

9. Creating an Independent Learner & Providing for a Substitute
At this point in our journey, I am the motivating force behind my daughter's education. But, if I need a "sick day" - it's nice that my job could be done by my husband or someone else, without missing a beat. Also, a good record-keeping system makes it possible for my daughter to gradually take over more and more responsibility for her own education.

10. Memories
A good homeschool record makes the perfect memory book for a growing child. A full record of accomplishments, names, memories, and highlights, without having to keep every scrap of work ever done!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on the Daily Log, the Annual Summary, and the Portfolio! 

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