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Vegan Dump Dinners - Lentil Soup (Oil Free, Gluten Free)

Vegan Dump Dinner - Lentil Soup
In Orthodox homes, Lentil Soup is the classic dish to serve during Lent. I always say that that's why they're called "Lent"ils. But no one believes me ; ) 

However they got their name (the real story is some boring thing about how they're shaped), they're traditionally served on the first day of fasting seasons (such as Great Lent and Advent), as well as on other days of strict fasting, like Holy Friday or Christmas Eve. This recipe is Oil Free - so it is perfect for those occasions. 

Of course, during Lent we have a lot of services to go to, and our main focus is not supposed to be food and cooking. Which makes Lent the perfect time for "Dump Dinners." 

Most dump dinners (including this one) can easily be thrown into a gallon zipper bag or plastic food container, and put in the freezer with ten minutes or less time investment. The night before you want to prepare it, put the bag or box in the fridge to thaw. The day you want to eat it, dump it in the Crock Pot or Slow Cooker - and a few hours later you have dinner all ready and waiting for you when you come home from Church : )

This is my own recipe - designed from scratch (tho this is its first year as a Dump Dinner). I've been making it for about 30 years, and it is one of my most requested by the extended family. Most of the family loves it. My daughter, however, will be happy to work out a deal - especially if, like Esau, you'd like to sell your birthright for a bit of Lentil Stew ; )

Cooking this one takes 4 hours on high. So, if you plan to come home at 7:30, put it on to cook around 3 or 3:30.

Lentil Soup Dump Dinner

Put ingredients in Gallon Freezer bag or Box

1 Pound Bag of Lentils, Rinsed and Sorted (no need to cook before freezing)

1 Bag Frozen Mirepoix Mix OR 1/2 cup each Onion, Celery and Carrot (more to taste)

2 teaspoons Minced Garlic  (I use the kind from a jar sold in the produce section of the grocery)

1 Bag Frozen Chopped Spinach

1 Can (15 oz) Chopped Tomatoes with their liquid

1 teaspoon Dry Mustard

1 teaspoon Dry Ground Ginger

2 teaspoons Salt (more or less to taste)

Label Bag & place in Freezer (note: I don't add liquid till cooking time to save freezer space)

The day before using, put in refrigerator to thaw

Vegan Dump Dinner Lentil Soup - ready to Freeze


To cook: Put in large slow cooker or crock pot with 8 cups water (tap temperature). Cook on High 4 to 4 1/2 hours. 

We like this dish three ways in our family:

1. As prepared, with Crusty Bread and Fresh Veggies and Olives for garnish, 


Lentil Soup with Olives

2. Blended, with Wine Vinegar added at the table; or 

Blended Lentil Soup - Just add Wine Vinegar


3. Over Spaghetti Noodles the next day. 


During Non-Fasting Seasons, or if you have a family member who doesn't fast, it's also delicious with Shredded Cheddar Cheese over the top - just starting to melt.

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