Friday, January 25, 2013

Simply Vegan Pizza

Vegan Pizza, fresh from the oven.
I love Pizza - it's one of my daughter's favorites, too. We enjoy homemade Pizza whenever we want, for a fraction of the price of the stuff at a Pizza Place- and it tastes much, much better! And, I can get to decide what goes in it - down to the last pinch of salt! Best of all, it's super quick, and FUN to make. My little daughter can even enjoy making her own (all but the oven part).

I don't eat cheese - and I really don't like fake cheese, either (tho I have tried ONE good kind in Europe, unfortunately I don't even know the brand of that one).

So, I just leave it off. And, wonder of wonders - the pizza tastes better than it tasted with cheese!

Vegan Pizza.
Press/Roll out one pound of homemade dough (you may use store bought if you prefer, but this is better and only takes 5 minutes hands on time - I ALWAYS have some in the fridge : )

Put the rolled out dough on your best pizza pan. My favorite is a Perforated, Non-stick model that turns out a perfect crust. (I usually spray it with a little Oil).

Add Sauce from your freezer - thawed, of course. If you prefer, you can use store bought "Pizza Sauce" or make your own Pizza Sauce by stirring together one Jar of Spaghetti Sauce (usually about 3 cups/ 24 ounces) with one can (6 ounces) Tomato Paste - and season to taste if you wish.

Top with your favorite toppings - edge-to-edge so almost no sauce shows. My favorites are sliced black (California) olives, Green Olives, Capers, Chopped Bell Peppers - any color, thinly sliced onion, mushroom, eggplant - you get the idea.

Bake on the Middle shelf of your oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit, till edges are slightly browned. This takes about 14 to 18 minutes. (If you're baking two at once, which I often do, you can put one on the bottom shelf, and then halfway through baking time, switch the middle one to the bottom shelf, and visa-versa.)

Slide onto another pan to cut (so you don't ruin your best pan), slice and enjoy!

I sometimes like to top a slice - after baking - with a slice of Avocado - the way they sometimes do it in Africa : )

Serve with a Nice Salad and your favorite beverage.

Vegan pizzas are less heavy than Omnivore Pizzas, so each person may like a slice or two more than they would normally eat.

Vegan Pizza just before baking.
Tip for dining with Omnivores: I think you know how to do this one! Add some Mozzarella Cheese, a Sprinkle of Parmesan and your dining companion's favorite meat toppings to his or her pizza. Baking time is the same.

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  1. I agree with you...I REALLY don't like fake cheese. I like the real stuff, or nothing. I think that vegan pizza would be better if you added carmelized onions atop. ♥


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