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Grilled Mushroom Kabobs ( Manitarakia )

Grilled Mushroom Kabobs ( Manitarakia )
In Cyprus, Souvlaki places are just as ubiquitous as Burger joints are here in the US. The Marinated, Skewered and Grilled bits of meat are usually served in a Pita Bread that is also stuffed with shredded salad. Often it also has raw Onion & a wedge of Lemon. Usually French Fries are the side dish - although occasionally they're stuffed inside the Pita. These informal restaurants might serve a variety of other traditional foods - dips like Hummus or Tahini, as well as Beer, Wine or Soft Drinks.

What's a Vegan to do in a restaurant like this? Why order the Manitarakia, of course! Happily, I can nearly always request Manitarakia (Grilled Mushrooms) at these places. In a culture where so many are devoutly Greek Orthodox Christians, allowances are routinely made for those who might be choosing to "fast" - abstain from meat, dairy & eggs - on a given day. Resultantly, we Vegans can feel right at home, and enjoy authentic ethnic food right along side the Omnivores.

Here is my homemade version of Manitarakia - to make here in the US when we can't just drop by the neighborhood Souvlaki place.

Thoroughly Clean desired quantity of Fresh White Button Mushrooms (or a similar variety). I find it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to make too many Mushrooms!
Marinate several hours or up to one day in Simply Greek Dressing (Regular or Oil Free)
Slide onto Wooden Skewers (if you're grilling them over fire, soak the skewers in water in advance - I usually grill on the indoor electric grill where that is not necessary)
Grill till nicely done. *

Serve with:
Lightly Toasted Pita Bread
Shredded Salad (a combination of Lettuce, Cabbage & Cilantro is common, add a little of the Greek Salad Dressing to the Salad, too)
Greek-Inspired Oven Fries
Raw Onion
Wedge of Lemon
Dips like Hummus or Tahini
Beverages of Choice

Tip for Dining with Omnivores: Omnivores can have Souvlaki! Simply marinate Skewered Pork Cubes in the same marinade (From June 3, 2013), and grill them right alongside the Manitarakia (far enough away to avoid contamination, of course!). Our Grocery sells pre-cut and skewered Pork Kabobs under the name "City Chicken" for reasons I don't quite understand. But, buying it this way saves a lot of unpleasantness. (Of course, doing your own saves money - your call.)

* If you are not able to grill, you can broil these on a foil-lined, rimmed cookie sheet (no skewer required if you use this method). Make sure you drain them well before broiling, so they don't boil instead of broil.

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