Monday, July 29, 2013

A Week of Summer Entree Salads (GF, Vegan)

First - I want to clear something up.
Lentil Rice Salad

There's a difference between being a Vegan and being a Rabbit.

If you're Vegan, and you've ever asked the server at a restaurant what they have that is Vegan, you've undoubtedly heard, "The Salad!"

As if that was going to fill you up!

Usually that's followed by some comment like, "Well, we can MAKE the salad Vegan if we leave off the bacon, cheese, dressing & eggs." (This when the restaurant has a huge range of other naturally Vegan foods - like Baked Potatoes - that the server didn't even think about)

That kind of salad is NOT what I consider an entrée salad.

To me, an entrée salad is filled with satisfying, healthy, whole foods that supply a wide range of nutrients - everything from starches & proteins to vitamins & minerals. Something that can be the centerpiece of a meal with some added bread & veggies - or the occasional veggie burger to round out the meal. And it leaves me feeling like I've eaten when I get up from the table.

An entrée salad is usually easy to fix, requires little or no cooking, and is easy to transport. And, it has huge Omnivore appeal (as a side dish or entrée )

Which means, entrée salads are the perfect thing to bring to a summer potluck or picnic. They're also the perfect thing to bring to the home of an Omnivore who has invited you for dinner & given you permission to bring a dish to share.

If you're an Omnivore, they're the perfect dish to add to your table when a Vegan is coming for dinner - so that everyone has a nice, balanced, filling meal, and you don't have to cook any "weird Vegan food." ; )

They're also ideal when as a Vegan you need to make a meal with Meat for an Omnivore, and still have a balanced, satisfying meal for the Vegan in the family.

Here is a whole week's worth (plus one!) to peruse and to Mix & match with your week's menu.

Besides all of that, all of these salads except the Fattoush are naturally Gluten-Free. If you need to make the Fattoush Gluten free, you can simply omit the Pita (if desired, you can add a GF crouton instead).

Black Bean and Corn Salad (super quick)

Black-Eyed Pea Salad (super quick)

Fattoush (lighter - best served with Crusty Bread)

Lentil & Rice Salad

Mediterranean Green Bean & Potato Salad

Mix & Match Italian Rice Salad

Quinoa and Lime Salad

White Bean Salad (super quick)

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  1. Yum! These all look good. I'm pinning it to my meatless board on Pinterest so I can come back and try all of them.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm always delighted to see my stuff on Pinterest - I really appreciate it : )

  2. I have to admit it. Each one of these salads appeals to me and if you put them, all, in front of me now, I would taste each one. Time for lunch and time for a salad. Thanks for sharing with My Meatless Mondays.

    1. Thanks so much - and thanks for hosting : )

      I always enjoy your blog!

  3. I'm pinning the blackeyed pea salad. At a lot of restaurants, the salads are not healthy but laden with a lot of calories and fat. Anytime, you have bacon, cheese, eggs and heavy dressing, you are going to get a very caloric meal. Also, some of the salads are huge and can be satisfy several people.

    1. Thanks so much for the pin : )

      Restaurant salads are usually such a disappointment. Especially when they cover them in meat & cheese. It's so much more satisfying to whip up something healthy at home!

  4. Yum they all look so delicious! Maybe I can cope with salads in winter! lol

    1. I serve these all winter, too! Even tho it's winter there, you can still enjoy these - altho they may be better as a side in winter rather than a main dish.

  5. Thanks for sharing these great recipes at the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. I see a couple there that I know my family would love!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by - and thanks for hosting! : )

  6. Wow, I am not a vegan but I do love salads and these look yummy to me!!! Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party! FYI, the NEW linky part is live and ready for your posts today! :)

    1. Thanks so much - I just linked up - I appreciate you hosting : )

      LOTS of vegan food is loved by Omnivores (PB&J, anyone?) I've taken these salads to many an Omnivore potluck & watched them disappear : ) Hope you enjoy them!

  7. These all look so satisfying!! What great salads! Pinning these too!

  8. I love the look of each of these salads and may add one to the menu tonight for dinner! Thank you for sharing at the #trafficjamweekend linky party!

  9. I am a huge salad fan! I love the try new takes. I will for sure be trying some of these! #trafficjam


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