Monday, May 19, 2014

Easiest Homemade Silver Polish

Before & After Silver Plate Grapefruit Spoons
I have been using these Grapefruit Spoons since earliest childhood. I always loved Grapefruit! Our Grandparents used to bring us a big case of the Ruby Red stuff from Texas every year.

But, after many years of use and abuse, these spoons looked worse for the wear. They were always "everyday" spoons - kept in the same silverware drawer with stainless, and they were only Silver Plate - not expensive Sterling. But, they did have happy memories for me.

When I inherited them from my Mom, they had not been used in a long time, and had tarnished pretty badly. I wanted to polish them, but I didn't want to buy a commercial cleaner (expensive & chemical filled!), nor did I want to use the well-known aluminum foil method that would remove all the shadows and patina. I also didn't want something harsh that would polish away the old and damaged silver plate, and leave only the base metal!

I did an internet search, and discovered the super simple solution on more than one site:

Make a paste of baking soda and water (about the texture of hand lotion), and polish with a soft cloth!

So easy, so cheap, so delicate! I could polish just enough to remove the tarnish, but not remove the shadows, patina, or - most importantly - the silver plate! My little girl could help without any concerns of her getting exposed to dangerous chemicals, or damaging the silver.

Try it, you'll like it! : )

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