Monday, May 26, 2014

Easy Vegan Birthday Treat

Easy Vegan Birthday Treat
A while back, we had a friend's Birthday celebration at our house, but making a cake from scratch just wasn't practical that day.

A good friend contributed two Amy's Cakes - one Orange and one Chocolate (Amy also makes a Gluten Free variety!) We've found that they're extra good if you toast the slices before serving.

She added some Macerated Strawberries (Fresh Strawberries sliced & sprinkled with sugar, and allowed to stand till their juices come out)

And, I topped it with Vegan Whipped Coconut Creme and (because we have a little kid) Rainbow Sprinkles.

I have to admit, Whipped Creme is one of the few Omnivore foods I miss - and this makes an Excellent substitute. 

Here's how to make Whipped Coconut Creme
(This recipe is all over the internet - it's not my original idea)

Whipped Coconut Creme
Refrigerate a Can of Coconut Milk overnight or longer (I just store mine in the fridge all the time so it's ready to go on impulse)

Carefully open can, being careful not to shake
Scoop the thickened "creme" off the top with a spoon, but leave the thin milk in the can (use it for a smoothie or discard it, as you wish)
Put the Coconut Creme in a deep bowl, and mix with an electric mixer - like one you would use for making cakes - either a hand mixer or a stand mixer- for several minutes till it forms soft peaks.
I find it takes about 5 minutes.
Dash of vanilla (about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon)
A Couple of Tablespoons of Sieved Powdered Sugar (to taste)
Blend briefly to blend flavours & serve
This may also be stored in the fridge till serving time if made in advance. (I'm not sure how long it keeps, I've never had enough left over to try ; )

Easy, delicious, festive! Being Vegan doesn't HAVE to be a lot of work! : )

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  1. That really looks amazing! LOVE that it's made with Coconut! Neat idea! Thanks for the recipe!


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