Monday, October 26, 2015

The Origin & Meaning of the Peace Sign

So many modern children's items are covered in the "Peace Sign"
The "Peace Sign" is a current fashion trend - especially amongst school-aged children. Sometimes, it's seems difficult to find a children's outfit or toy that that  doesn't have a "Peace Symbol" on it. Everyone seems to want to display it. And, in a time when our country has been involved in wars for a dozen years and counting, peace is a very attractive concept!

But, as Christians, have we thought about where the Peace Sign originates, and what it means to display it on our clothes or vehicles?

An internet search on this topic is most interesting. A cursory search will tell you that the sign originates with the Anti Nuclear movement of the 1960's (or, starting with 1958).  And, since this theory is an attractive one to many, it is repeated over and over again on various websites.

But, that theory of the origin of the "Peace Sign" is a quite impossible, since the "Peace Sign" as we currently know it long predates 1958. It cannot have been invented in 1958, because it was in use in the 1930's. It was one of the logos of the German Third Panzer Division in World War II.  Personally, I cannot imagine wearing a Nazi symbol as an emblem of "Peace." When I see stuffed animals and cute little flowery stickers covered in "Peace Signs" it looks to me much like having the same items covered in little Swastikas - not at all attractive or peaceful!

And, it seems possible that the symbol may have come from the even older rune used in German Paganism.

Others have noted that the "Peace Sign" looks like a Christian Cross turned upside down and desecrated (broken), as a sign of disrespect. There are theories that it may have an anti-Christian origin, and that its use indicates a desire to obtain peace by ridding the world of the Cross of Christ.

The truth is, we cannot be sure where the "Peace Sign" comes from for sure.

But, there is one thing I DO know - it is a Counterfeit.

The true and only symbol of Peace for Christians is the Cross of Christ. It is the only true representation of Peace between God and Humankind, as well as Peace among humans.

If you are a Christian, please prayerfully consider the use of the "Peace Symbol" in your home.

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  1. Very interesting! We don't use the peace sign in our home (and certainly won't now) but I enjoy reading the history of things. Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays.

  2. I had a pair of "peace sign" earring in high school. Later I did hear that it was representative of the cross upside down and was anti-Christian, so I got rid of the earrings. Even if this is not true, it was extensively used in the "counter-culture" of the 60s hippies, not my favorite era of history! I have never let my kids get any toys or clothes with the symbol. I am glad to see someone share similar thoughts on this.

  3. I just bumped into your blog and am amazed at your creativity, and practicality. I look forward to more to come. Thank you.

  4. Interesting history you've found here. Thanks for sharing it with Grace & Truth.

  5. I love this post. What a powerful message that the only real peace comes from Christ' cross.

  6. Thɑnks f᧐r fіnally talking about >"The Origin & Meaning of the Peace Sign"
    <Loved it!


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