Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blessed Ash Wednesday!

For Catholic and Protestant Christians, today is Ash Wednesday -the first day of the Easter Preparation season called Lent.

We Orthodox Christians will not begin Lent for a few more weeks, since our calendar is different - and our Lent starts with "Green Monday" or "Clean Monday" rather than on a Wednesday.

Many Western Churches will have Lenten Potlucks during Lent - often where vegetarian or vegan meals are featured to give a greater compassion for the world's poor, or to encourage Christians to live more simply & with greater penitence.

So I thought I'd link some recipes that are Lenten-Potluck friendly:

Banana Walnut Muffins

Greek Bean Soup - can be served from Slow Cooker

Homemade Yeast Bread
Veggies & Dips

Lentil Soup - can be served from Slow Cooker
Cauliflower & Capers (good at room temperature)
Orange Beet Salad (add dressing just before serving)
Homemade Salsa with Chips

Better than Coleslaw
Slice & Bake Vegan Sugar Cookies from your own Mix

Vegan Crispy Rice Treats

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  1. Wow those all look so yummy!! In this world I think we could all live more simply. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I am sure you little one will love the finding hearts tradition! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by - I really enjoyed your blog post today : )

  2. Those soups look good :) I'm waiting for the weather to cool down to cook some good soups.

  3. Wow your entire menu looks fabulous! We often observe a meatless Monday every week but I can tell that you and your family are going to eat wonderfully in spite of being meatless...they are truly blessed! I can't wait to see more of your posts! Thanks so much for linking up this week to our Saturday blog hop " The Ole' Homesteading Trading Post!" Hope you join us again next week!

  4. All of your meals look amazing! Your family is truly blessed! We often observe meatless Mondays as it is just a healthy practice to be in but your family is in no danger of being disappointed as all of your meals looks spectacular what a menu! Thanks so much for linking up this week to "The Ole' Saturday Trading Post" blog hop! I hope you join us again next week!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! And, thanks for hosting : )

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this great collection over at the Season's Best {Easter} Link-up. I wish you a blessed Lenten season.

  6. Wow, all your recipes look so appealing! Thank you for sharing this with Healthy Vegan Fridays. Check back on Friday to see if you were one of the Top 3! We hope to see you again this week. You can submit a post from Friday to end of Tuesday:

  7. I would love to go to a potluck with all those things on the table! Thanks for sharing these recipes, particularly with the Lenten focus.

    I'm an Episcopalian, and the Episcopal churches in my part of the city have a weekly Lenten supper and service at a different church each week. It's not a potluck but food provided by the hosting parish. It surprises me that one of the parishes always serves turkey tetrazzini--people choose various disciplines for Lent, not all involving food, but giving up meat or all animal foods is so common, why would you serve a meat+dairy food (and nothing else but fruit and cookies) during Lent?? My parish does a soup buffet where at least half the soups are vegan and all are clearly labeled; it's more friendly to allergy sufferers, too.

    1. LOL! Reminds me of the time I went to an Episcopalian Church dinner years ago and I asked them what was available that was vegan. The answer? "The Jello" (which we vegetarians all know is no where near vegetarian).

      Offering Vegan options (even in Parishes where other things are offered during Lent) is such a thoughtful option : )

  8. Hi Anna,
    I am delighted that you highlighted the importance of Lenten Potlucks during Lent featuring vegetarian or vegan meals. We often forget the value of showing compassion for the poor and the joys of simpler living. As a bean lover, I can't wait to try the recipe for Greek Bean Soup and Slow Cooker Lentil Soup. Thank you so much for sharing these healthy and delicious Lenten recipes at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Blog Hop! I sincerely appreciate it!


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