Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What to do with that #10 Can

My Reused ( Upcycled ) #10 Can
I happily admit it. I live under a rock. I don't have cable (or even TV!) and usually have no idea who those folks are who do all the cooking shows. And, I'm pretty frugal. So, I don't like buying silly stuff just because it's endorsed by someone I've barely heard of.

Imagine my surprise when I was shopping one day, to find a rather pretty large melamine bowl (that's a fancy, plastic-like substance). It was marketed by some cooking "Personality" and priced for 19.95 (which, here in the Midwest, is a LOT of money for a plastic bowl!) The purpose of this bowl? Why, to collect trash on your kitchen counter when you're cooking. A TRASH BOWL for $19.95?! Are they serious?!

Well, shortly thereafter, I was preparing a "Vat O' Yachni" and found myself looking at an empty #10 can that seemed "too good to throw away" - and an idea was born! It would be my new "Trash Bowl" - and I could not only save $19.95 (like I would have spent that anyway!) but I could also "Save the Planet" (so to speak).

And, I have found it to be quite useful! So much so that I wouldn't want to do without it. I use old bags (such as produce bags) to line it - although you could easily give it a rinse now and then if you prefer. When I get an extra bag, I put it in the bottom of the can for storage, so that when I pull out a full bag, the next one is waiting to be pressed into service.

These DO need to be replaced now and then, to ensure that they don't rust and stain your countertop.

Actually, a kitchen counter garbage receptacle of some kind is a great idea. I originally read about it in The House that Cleans Itself . It has a few advantages:

1) If you're like me - a bit of a slob - and tend to put things like the foil packet from your tea bag on the counter - well, it becomes a little more natural to be less slobbish.

2) If you're chopping vegetables, you don't have to walk to the trash can with every onion skin & pepper stem. That makes things more efficient when you're cooking, and meals come together more quickly & smoothly.

3) Most importantly, since you're not walking to the trash over & over, you're not touching the germy lid to the trash can, and having to wash your hands constantly (or, unthinkably, just putting those germs on the food)

Best of all, Reusing is even better than Recycling! It takes NO extra energy : )


  1. Excellent post! Awesome idea!!!!

  2. Love this post! I don't have TV either and I'd never pay $19.95 for a trash bowl, but I agree it's a practicle idea!

  3. I often have a 'trash can' close by when i'm cooking but I usually just use the bowl from breakfast that hasn't been washed yet and then when its filled i toss the contents into the bin hahahaa! I would never buy a trash bin for $20 either!!!!!


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