Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why I Love Burner Covers

Stove with Burner Covers
When I was a kid (which was not last week ; ) Burner Covers were a kitchen fashion. All the cool Moms had them. I was pretty disappointed that my Mom wouldn't join the cool Moms and get us a nice set. Then she broke it to me that you could only use them when the burner was off (heat destroys the paint) and you had to move them every time you wanted to cook - and their sole function was beautifying your rangetop. I was never into pointless decorations - not even as a kid - so that ended my fascination with them. And, while I'm not a Home Interior Fashion Slave, I rather suspect that these aren't the height of fashion that they were back-in-the-day.

So, why on earth would I have them in my kitchen NOW when I thought it was a silly idea then?

Well, it all started a few years back when an aquaintance told me the tragic story of his then-toddler sister's severe and permanant brain damage that happened when she pulled a pot of boiling liquid from the stove onto her head. In mid-life, the sister was still only able to function at a toddler's academic level as a result of that tragic accident.

Then, I had my own daughter, and decided to take seriously those warnings about not using the front burners of your stove when you have a little one. But, knowing how absent-minded I am, I knew I would forget if I didn't put something there to remind myself not to turn on those burners. So, I got a nice, cheap pair of burner covers from the dollar store, and put them on the front burners as a reminder. And, I began cooking on the back burners. It took a few days to get used to it - then it seemed natural.

Then, I began to notice that when I dropped food, it no longer fell on a burner and through the heating element, making an impossible to clean mess. And, as a result, there was one less fire hazzard in the house when I turned on a burner today that had oil spilled on that spot yesterday (I can just pop the burner covers in the dishwasher if I want).

And, I had space to chop an onion or set a (non-flammable) container of food while I waited to add it to a boiling pot, or rest a stirring spoon without making a mess. And in a not-huge kitchen, a little extra counter space is a blessing!

So, the stove is safer for children (and for clumsy adults like me!), safer from fire, easier to clean, and I have more counter space! What's not to love?

Now, my little one is big enough that I probably could safely cook on the front burners (and if I need more burners, I occasionally do) I like my burner covers and have decided to keep them.


  1. What a horrible tragedy! I don't have children but this is a good lesson for parents. I have never heard of burner covers. Thanks for the great post.

  2. I think they are neat, too. ♥ My stove top here, is completely flat, so they wouldn't stay on them...but they are cute and I like the safety of using the back burners.

  3. I've never had burner covers but have often considered getting some to avoid the food-dropped-into-burner issue. What stops me is the idea that they'd be in the way when I take them off to use the burners. What do you do with yours?

    I used to work at an invention marketing company, and one of the most popular invention ideas submitted was stove burner covers--even though they'd already been on the market for decades, so there was no hope of anyone getting a patent on them, still they would try to market them as their own new idea. One person even cut a photo of burner covers out of the Lillian Vernon catalog and taped it in the space on the form where she was supposed to illustrate her invention! I couldn't figure out what these "inventors" were thinking.

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