Thursday, August 1, 2013

Accessorizing the Vegan, Simple, or Lenten Table

Veggie & Olive Tray
Dip Tray with Veggies & Chips
Pickled Lemons
Quite frequently, healthy Vegan meals are made up of frugal, whole foods, simply prepared - what I sometimes call "peasant food." That's wonderful for your health, your wallet, your time, and can be great for your soul.

But, for company? Sometimes it doesn't seem fancy enough. In fact, when I have been a guest in the homes of others, sometimes they even object, "We can't feed you just beans and rice!"

For Orthodox Christian families, the first two weeks of August are a "Lenten" time, when our food is simpler, but we may still want to entertain guests, or have special family meals.

Sometimes Vegan cooks try to make meals fancier by using exotic or expensive ingredients, but that really isn't my style. I LIKE simple, frugal food! Some complain of proverbial "Champagne taste on a Beer budget," but, I have Beer taste on a Beer budget. But, I still want meals to be a special occasion for fellowship and hospitality.
Fresh Homemade Bread

Pickle & Olive Tray
So, what to do when you're having friends over, or just want to make a meal more special for your own family? I like to accessorize. And, this isn't just my own custom, it is the common way in many Greek Orthodox households. As a Church cookbook explained (and I paraphrase) These staples are always on the Lenten Table: Fresh Bread, Dips, Fresh Vegetables, Olives, Pickled Vegetables . . . .

And, this custom isn't limited to the Greek Culture. My Pennsylvania Dutch family members also had "Seven Sweets and Seven Sours" as normal accessories on their tables. And of course, the Italians have the Antipasto Tray. And, Koreans serve several small dishes with meals. I'm guessing that there are few cultures that have not traditionally accessorized the table. But, in our very busy modern American culture, we have forgotten these customs.

Hospitality, or even a family meal, can show diners that you think they're special without breaking your health or breaking the bank, if the table includes a wide variety of tastes & textures to supplement simple fare.

And, an extra bonus? All of these things can be prepared well in advance : )

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Fresh Veggies we use to top dishes
like Moujendra or Bulgur Pilaf.
Homemade Vegan Muffins can add a
Special touch to Breakfast or your Fresh
Fruit Dessert


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