Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Urban Sandbox

Most sensory play items for kids are messy! They often have things like food coloring, oil or glue that can make a real mess of your house & damage upholstery or carpet.

My little one loves the sandbox at the park - but real sand just isn't an option in our house. And, the weather is often not suitable for outdoor play at the park.

Enter the Urban Sandbox!

I simply fill a plastic box (such as a shoe box) with cornmeal, and add a few toys - that's it! This is dry, powdery "sand" like the sandbox at the park, perfect for pouring through funnels, or driving a bulldozer through.

It's also perfect for working with measuring cups to teach fractions like 1/2 or 1/4 in homeschool.

It usually provides a good, solid half hour of amusement - if not longer.

The upside? Cornmeal is a great natural carpet cleaner - it absorbs oils & odors from carpet - so, even if this is spilled all over the carpet, all I have to do is vacuum it up : )

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  1. I've seen similar ideas with rice, etc., but cornmeal would surely have advantages. I actually have a big bag of polenta that I could pull out and make an instant sandbox when the grandchildren come over. Thank you!


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