Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moujendra ( Mejadra ) in the Slow Cooker - or not!

Mounjendra is comfort food in our house. It was the first multi-ingredient dish I ever served my daughter when she was first eating solid foods - and it was what she wanted for her birthday dinner this year. (Her other declared favorite is Pizza : )

I really like making it in the slow cooker, since it requires no stirring or watching and the lentils don't become mushy from stirring.

Rinse & Sort & Place in Slow Cooker (or pot)

Onions should be toasty brown before adding to lentils.
If you like, you can make lots of these onions & freeze them for
adding to various dishes as needed.
1 # lentils (2 1/2  cups)
8 cups water
1  ¼ cups long grain brown rice (short grain rice is not good here - will make gluey dish. White rice may be used, but must be added about 1/2 way thru cooking time to avoid over cooking)
2 chopped, browned onions

Cover & cook on high till done – about 1 ½ hours if boiling water is used to start,
 or 2 ½ to 3 hours if starting with cold water.
If cooking in a pot on the stove top, simmer, stirring occasionally for about 45 minutes.
This dish is done when lentils & rice are tender. If there seems to be a little too much liquid when lentils are tender, it will be absorbed if you let it stand for a bit after turning off the heat.
Salt generously (I use nearly a Tablespoon of salt) & Serve
We like to serve this dish with a large dish of chopped, raw veggies to serve over the top. Each bite of lentils is combined with a bite of veggies.

Tip for dining with Omnivores: This is a very filling, hearty dish all by itself. But, if you desire, you can serve a tray of summer sausage and cheese alongside for Omnivores.
A typical dish of veggies for topping Moujendra or Pilafs.


  1. I was just looking for a good and simple dish to cook this Wednesday - and happened by this post. Also I was wishing I could use my slow-cooker more to save time, so this recipe satisfies in two ways. Thanks a lot!

    1. So glad to help! I need to make it again soon myself - maybe I'll make it for Wednesday, too : )

  2. Indeed a staple of any Cyprus home and it's great hot or cold!
    I'd suggest some nice greek yogurt to go along with or better yet tzatziki!
    You could also accompany this with canned fish such as tuna or sardines.

    1. So glad to have you visit, Theodoros! Great tips for serving to Omnivores : ) We all love Moujendra at our house!


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