Monday, November 19, 2012

Green Beans Almondine

This is an ultra-simple, yet luxurious recipe to serve at Thanksgiving or any other special meal. Chefs often use "browned butter" in recipes to give a richer, more complex buttery taste. But, of course, vegans don't use browned butter. Do we?

Well, I recently discovered that vegan buttery spreads (not the low fat varieties) may be browned with the same great results. (I tried both Earth Balance Original and Earth Balance Soy-Free, and it is my feeling that the Earth Balance Original works a little better, but they both work. In these pics I am using the soy-free).

Stir almonds constantly while toasting over medium heat,
until fragrant. If you stop to take a picture, one or two might burn ; )

Green Beans Almondine

Toast in dry skillet:
Slivered Almonds (unless you have some all ready in the freezer)
1 package frozen Green Beans, Any style
Meanwhile, Brown
1-2 Tablespoons Vegan Buttery Spread
Add & saute very briefly
Steamed Green Beans
Toasted Almonds
Generous Salt

Serve & Enjoy!

Vegetables may be steamed in the microwave in a microwave-safe serving bowl
following directions on vegetable package. This saves a dish at washing-up time
and can compensate for not having a steamer basket in your kitchen.

Place a microwave safe plate over the serving bowl for the perfect steamer.

As buttery spread melts, it will bubble and loose its extra liquid.

When Buttery Spread is done bubbling and gets a golden to dark brown color,
it is ready for the veggies to be added.
This is VERY hot, despite the fact it is no longer "boiling."
Variation: If you're a fan of Brussels Sprouts, use this same method to cook them, substituting FRESH steamed Brussels Sprouts in place of Green Beans and Pecans in place of Almonds. I suspect other vegetables, like Cauliflower, might also lend themselves to this method.

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