Monday, December 1, 2014

Vegan Christmas Dinner Menu Ideas

Orthodox Nativity Icon from Kykkos Monastery, Cyprus
Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

The Christmas Feast is a huge event in a Christian household. After Advent, it is quite a Celebration!

Even as a child, long before I was Vegetarian, it was never the main dish that interested me, but rather the side dishes, appetizers and desserts. For that reason, my Christmas Dinner ideas don't focus much on "Mains" but on all the many dishes that make a wonderful feast.

For practical reasons - it's good to have a mix of simple & complicated, make-ahead, and fix-right-before, and slow-cooker, oven, stove-top and no-cook sort of dishes. I've endeavored to provide that sort of blend here.

Here are some ideas to get YOUR creative ideas flowing: 

Dips Buffet for a Party
Despite the picture - this link has SEVERAL different Vegan dip recipes : )

Red Pepper & Walnut Dip or Spread

Vegan Holiday Appetizers

Vegan Mock Crab Cakes 

Lentil Shepherd's Pie

Marinated, Grilled Tofu

Greek Stuffed Veggies ( Gemista )
This is also a slow cooker recipe, if you need it to be! : )

Baked Potatoes in the Slow Cooker

Bulgur Pilaf ( Pourgouri ) 
This is also a great starchy side dish for Omnivores!

Brussels Sprouts with Pecans

Cauliflower & Capers

Green Beans Almondine

Rosemary Roast Potatoes in the Slow Cooker

Simply Zucchini Saute

Stuffing, Low fat & Vegan

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet & Sour Sweet Potatoes

Veggies Vinaigrette

Carrot Raisin Salad without Mayonnaise

Farro Salad, Mediterranean 

Fruited Black-Eyed Pea Salad

Lentil & Rice Salad

Mediterranean Two Bean Salad 

Mix & Match Italian Rice Salad

Quinoa and Lime Salad

Birthday Treat, Easy Vegan
(You can see how this would work for Christmas, too, right? ; )


Crispy Rice Cupcakes 
These can accommodate multiple allergies - although they DO have Peanut Butter in them.
They're great for the Gluten-Free folks if they're made with GF Crispy Rice.

Fruit Salad

Gingerbread Crunch Cookies
(hope you're more artistic than I am! : )

Make One Mix, Make Ten Different Cookies

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Raw (ish) Cookie Assortment

Raw (ish) Maple Walnut Squares

Samali (Greek Semolina Dessert)

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  1. They all look yummy. Now I'm hungry.

  2. Happy Holidays! Thank you for sharing your delectable vegan dinner menu ideas with us at the Special Holiday Edition: Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop 2014! All the best to you!

  3. Thank you for posting to Motivation Monday!

  4. They all look so good! Can I come to your house - just for 1 day? LOL! Thanks for sharing all this wonderful recipes on Real Food Fridays blog hop. Shared on google.

  5. SO many great ideas...a simple veggie tray is always nice, sometimes you want something light, too many cookies this time of year! Olivia was just asking for shepherds pie, I will try this lentil variation. And I've always wanted to make salami. I hope to try it this week!

  6. I love all of these options!!! Thank you for sharing at Real Food Friday! We hope to see you again tonight.

  7. Dear Mary, Thanks for sharing the vegan Christmas Dinner Menu ideas at the Special Holiday Edition of HHG and N Blog Hop. I especially like the quinoa and lime salad idea you provided. I celebrate Hanukkah with an all-plant based menu each of the eight nights. I can see myself cooking up some of these recipes for the coming year. I bet they are terrific any day of the week. Two of my blog posts appear at the link up too. If you get a chance, check out 4 Ways to Discover Balance and Joy This Holiday Season and Dec. Colors add sparkle to your life. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy, New Year. Nancy

  8. Nice ideas :-) Shame I'm so far behind in my blog reading and missed them in time for Christmas - however they sure look tasty enough to have any time of year!

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